Can You Tickle the Earth?

This is the text of a children’s book I want to get illustrated some day. Inspired by a question from my daughter. What do you think?

Can you tickle the earth?

When you run, do your feet make it giggle and shake?
When you jump up and down, does it cause an earthquake?

No? Are we too small?

When you tug at the grass, are you pulling its hair?
When you drive in a car, does the earth even care?

Do the rolling wheels give it goosebumps?

When you dig up some dirt, are you scratching an itch?
When you plant tiny seeds, does the earth want to twitch?

Does it feel anything at all?

I know the earth sings, a voice with color and scent,
An expert choir, never seeking compliment.

But does it laugh?

We are indeed small, made of water, wind, and dust.
Yet our birthright seems bigger, born of sacred trust.

Can you tickle the earth?

No, I don’t think that you can.

But our footprints go deeper than they seem.

And I like to think…

…that sometimes….

When the moment is right….

The earth lets out a chuckle.


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