Homeschooling – Good News and Bad News

Choosing to homeschool your children will not solve your problems. Rather, it trades one set of problems for a different set of problems, and your new problems almost entirely originate from the person you see when you look in the mirror.

  • Your apathy
  • Your laziness
  • Your impatience

And if you let these fester, they will contaminate your children. They will regardless of how you educate your children, but now you have a front row seat at an IMAX.

The good news is that you are 100% responsible for these problems, and with God’s grace, you can start taking steps to weed them out. It is a slow and agonizing process, and you will never be perfect. But you can be better. It is easier to take the log out of your eye than to take a whole lot of splinters out of other people’s eyes.

Homeschooling can be a tool that God uses to sanctify you.

The bad news is that you are 100% responsible for these problems, and if your child does not get the education you want, does not grow into the person you want them to be, you have zero excuses.

It’s all on you.

You can take no solace in the fact that there are scapegoats ready to come in and assuage your guilty conscience. There is less false comfort. You cannot pretend to wash your hands of the whole endeavor. You can’t pretend that your abdication was “the best that you could do.”

And for most of us, that is terrifying.

No matter what, you are responsible for your children’s education, and any problems that creep up along the way. Homeschooling does not get rid of those problems, but it will require you to take a scalpel to your own heart.

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