Just a Series of Chemical Reactions

Two Oregon churches were vandalized, with “Praise the FSM” painted on their property. FSM stands for “flying spaghetti monster,” a popular internet meme for some atheists. The Friendly Atheist decided to raise some money for the clean-up to help out the churches.

The clip below is from Fox and Friends with both Pastor John Bluebaugh and Hemant Mehta of the Friendly Atheist discussing the situation and its aftermath.

The real motivation for this action is revealed as Hemant squeezes in the last word in the segment.

“You don’t need Jesus to be good.  It’s possible to be good without God and I think the people on my website chipping in show that.”

Yes, people can do good things without Jesus.  However, they need to steal ethics from some other realm in order to make that claim. It’s like a man with no taste buds trying to pass himself off as a food critic.  He can shovel down the food just like everyone else, but when asked if that bite of that steak tasted good, he has to lean over to his brother, who happens to have taste buds, to get the answer.

Or perhaps he takes a poll, determining what the majority of people think of steak. But then what if the people polled are mostly vegans? Or maybe his brother has a head cold that changes his opinion?

While helping others is always commendable, modern atheists are completely nonsensical when trying to articulate why it is so.  Why is a group of skin-bags full of blood and muscle giving money to another group of skin-bags full of blood and muscle good or bad? It was, after all, just a series of chemical reactions. Why should I care about it more than the chemical reactions that lead a hunk of meat to sit on a couch and watch lights come out of a television?

One more thought: we know the ends don’t always justify the means. But do the means ever justify the ends?

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