The Best Disney Wars Movie

I finally saw Solo, and I kind of loved it.

This surprised me. I haven’t loved any of the newer Disney Wars films, all of them exhibiting various levels of lame that have hamstrung my enjoyment.

But Solo felt like a love letter to the character of Han, a character mistreated by the newer films. The move felt like Star Wars.

It wasn’t perfect. I had some minor quibbles. At one point, it seemed like Han essentially helped give birth to the Rebellion as we know it, which lessens the tension and impact from Episode IV of whether or not he is going to join up in their cause. Not everything has to be about the Rebellion, nor about the eternal struggle between Jedi and Sith.

We also didn’t need an overt explanation of Han’s last name. That was the only real “eye-roll” moment for me, though, compared to approximately 127 moments from the other three Disney Wars films. The deeper structural problems, so glaring in those other films, were mostly absent.

Overall, they did a good job. They made a fun movie. The best of the new Star Wars, by a long shot.

And “Han shot first” is now doubly true.

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