Worldviews and Sand

No matter your precautions when you go to the beach, you always take home unwanted stowaways. Sands gets in every nook and cranny. Of your clothes, of your bags, of your car, of your hair, of your teeth, of the places between your toes and fingers (whatever they are called). And then the sand seems to magically transport hundreds of miles to your carpet and dresser.

It gets everywhere no matter your effort.

Worldviews are the same way. They color everything about your perception and beliefs, and there is not a fence tall enough that will keep a fundamental worldview out of any part of your life.

For Christians, we have the blessing of having a worldview that is actually true. Christ is the Truth and everything was created through him.  He is the cornerstone not only of the church and the new creation, but of all of the old creation as well. And so from the bottom up, Christ colors everything. Both the bricks and the mud between them were spoken into existence with the Word . It is inescapable. Eventually every knee will bow and every tongue proclaim this Truth, but until that happens, it is still the Truth.

This is why reality is reality, why the world makes sense, why the laws of Physics are. It is based on Truth.

But there are other worldviews, most being frantically built and repaired on the…ahem…shifting sands of pure naturalistic philosphy and assumptions that everything that was, is, and yet to come is Chance. These worldviews also get into everything. But they must start from the top, and like a corrosive acid, begin eating through every notion. They dissolve and destroy. Western culture itself will be an eventual victim and finally the definition of man himself. Even Darwin saw the end result when he voiced his own horrid doubt:

With me the horrid doubt always arises whether the convictions of man’s mind, which has always been developed from the mind of lower animals, are of any value or at all trustworthy. Would any one trust in the convictions of a monkey’s mind, if there are any convictions in such a mind?

This line of thought has been expounded and confirmed by such theorists as Stephen Pinker. Everything is just meat, including the brain, and, besides some type of pragmatic or hedonistic nihilism, who really cares about the purpose or destiny of meat? Certainly not the meat itself. Consciousness, and the resulting purposes and morality from such an idea, are just illusions.

But eventually the acid will get to the foundation and be turned back and neutralized by the blood of the Lamb. And thank God for that. We don’t have to accept sand in our brains.

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One thought on “Worldviews and Sand”

  1. I’m fairly convinced that the reaction people have to a given worldview boils down to the reaction they’ll have once they decide what that worldview means to the way it determines and colors their level of importance.

    You may have to think about that sentence for a bit in order to understand it.

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