Since the Dawn of Reason

This is my second favorite Lutheran Satire video.  Intellectuals love to attribute nonsensical motives to people in history, and their favorite targets are the early Christians.

Now we finally know the true story.

“Since the dawn of reason in like 1687 or something, all the smart people have known that Christ’s resurrection was a myth created by the early Christians to amass power oppress people…”

The True Story of Paul’s Writings on Baptism

It’s strange that most modern Western evangelicalism has language describing baptism that is completely opposite of what the Bible actually says. The video below expounds the true story of how Paul must have accidentally made these gross errors.

Most Lutherans practice in infant baptism (due to the comparisons in the New Testament with the covenant sign of circumcision) , but even if you don’t agree with that part, you get the general gist.

I recently discovered the Lutheran Satire videos, and couldn’t stop watching them once I started.  I think you’ll get the same addiction.