New Dads Who Love Kids Movies Podcast

So I’ve launched a podcast, something I’ve been bouncing around in my head for a while. These are conversations dedicated to the overanalysis of films made for children. So far, they are a lot of fun to record, and I hope they are a lot of fun to listen to.

I’ve launched with two episodes.

I want to ask you for a favor. Please listen to one or both episodes, and then leave an honest review on iTunes. I’ll take feedback very seriously.

I plan do release a new one every 2 weeks. You can visit the podcast website for more details and to subscribe, plus some shows notes about each episode.

The Sinful Tragedy of Boredom

Nathan Bingham offers some thoughts on the constant problem of boredom in our world. “We are all adrift in a ship of boredom, floating on a sea of wonders.” He makes a few points:

  1. Most evident in children, because they come up to us and tell us that they are bored. But it’s a problem we don’t grow out of.
  2. It’s not only tragic.  It’s sinful.  And it begets severe ingratitude. The world God has created for us is full of wonder.
  3. The antidote to boredom is a strong doctrine of creation.

One challenge.  Try to look at something “mundane” sideways, in a new way. Learn everything you can about it. Study it. It will surprise you.

For help jolting your mind from the humdrum and helping you put on goggles of wonder, I highly recommend Notes from the Tilt-a-Whirl.

Storming the Fortress of a Father’s Love

Byron Yawn writes a letter to his daughter, and the last paragraph hit home and made me laugh at the same time.

By God’s grace, I have only intended my own love to serve as a high-water mark in your soul. None except Christ’s love for you will rise above mine. This way, when that man – whom I pray for everyday – comes along and exceeds your father’s love, you will willingly give him your heart. And I (secretly desiring to shoot him and bury his remains in an undisclosed location) will lovingly pass on my treasure to that man who stormed the fortress of a father’s love with a weapon as meager as a servant’s apron.

There is No Neutrality

Michael Bull rails against atheists who complain about religious instruction in schools, because their naturalistic philosophy is supposedly neutral.

But as usual, they are blinded by their pride.

In the mean time, our culture itself is eroding, and its all a great mystery why the West is crumbling.

Some quick points from the article:

  • An atheist’s faith relies on their rationality.
  • Our “secular” culture results in great pragmatic wisdom. This has been a blessing in many ways, but if pragmatism is the greatest virtue, you also open the door to horrors unimaginable.
  • When it comes to the tough questions, secular culture is bankrupt.
  • True progress requires the Word of God and the Spirit of God.
  • Our problem is that we want the Word of God to be provable before we act on it. We don’t want to rely on faith.