Your Bookshelves are not Trophy Cases

I love the Library of America imprint. They compile the works of great authors and wrap them in accessible and attractive editions.

When I’m on my periodic browsing trips to Half-Price Books, if I ever see a compilation I don’t own yet, and is in good condition, I immediately grab it (usually for less than $10, which is a stupid deal). I don’t even care who the author is. I know they will be someone worth reading or referencing, in some capacity.

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Crash Course – Our Homeschool Plans and Curriculum

For those parents being dragged kicking and screaming into the homeschool life by sudden necessity, I thought it might be helpful to lay out my families plans and curriculum, sprinkled with some advice.

This is not meant to be a prescription. Homeschooling is personal and different for every family and child. That’s part of what makes it great. It’s flexible. But it can also be overwhelming. So take this post as a few signposts on the road that you can choose to follow or not, and even if you don’t arrive at the same destination as me, at least you won’t be completely lost.

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Printed Workbook for Proverbs Memorization

Printed workbooks of Write Noble Things: Friendship & Anger are now available for pre-order. The first 10 orders receive 15% off, using code “early-bird-wntfa”.

Pre-order page is here:

Why did I compile this book? Because I wanted something like it for my own kids, especially my boys. The proverbs are something everyone should learn at a young age, giving them time to seep and saturate their hearts.

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It is Not for You to Know

The above video is the livestream of the Eastland services for July 7th, 2020, but the video should start at the beginning of the sermon. Our normal camera got knocked out during a storm, and so the video is from a backup webcam.

God the Father has determined the times and seasons for every nation and has fixed their boundaries. And Jesus tells us, in Acts 1:7, that these things that God has decreed and determined, are not for us to know.

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On Masks and the Gravitas of Broccoli

Wearing masks seems like a silly thing to fight about, and yet here we are, with battle lines drawn, and attempts to shame the non-compliant through modern-day show trials.

As I posted elsewhere, wearing a mask does not make you a paragon of moral virtue. Get down off of your high horse. De-inflate your head.

Refusing to wear a mask doesn’t make you Patrick Henry. You are not actually rebelling against anything of consequence. It is rebellion cosplay.

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