An Act of “Christian” Terrorism? Not Even Close.

Once again we have the worshipers of Reason being unreasonable. The fundamentalist who killed 76 people in Norway is being regarded as another example of the horrors of religion when not kept private. See, Christians commit acts of terrorism too. Just like Muslims. They might as well be exactly the same.

Of course, the only basis for calling him a Christian is the guy’s Facebook profile, which is about as deep as most people looked. They see a piece of ice floating on the water, and then have faith that it is actually the tip of an iceberg 300 feet tall. They don’t have to actually look, though.  After all, they have reason and science on their side by default, so they don’t have to engage in any actual freethinking.

Breivik was a fundamentalist, no doubt. But as this article points out, he was an Enlightenment fundamentalist.

 In an on-line manifesto, Breivik makes it clear that he is not a “fundamentalist Christian.”  He prefaces one comment with, “If there is a God…” and says that science should always trump religion.  So in terms of religious convictions, he sounds more like Richard Dawkins than Jerry Falwell.

The article is insightful, and I encourage you to read it, as it also highlights one of the key problems with our culture: desiring the fruit of the tree (Christendom), while wanting to do away with the root and tree itself (Christ).

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2 thoughts on “An Act of “Christian” Terrorism? Not Even Close.”

  1. His views and actions have about as much relationship to Christ as did the Inquisition and the Crusades.

    Today’s modern Crusaders are the Christian Zionists who carry out their work by proxy through Zionist Israel.

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