Clergy Compensation – No Miserliness

Reading the works of Jane Austen, it is striking how the clergy are expected to have a comfortable income. This was seen as normal and good. Their jobs were viewed as important, and so, of course, they should be compensated well for that work.

There is something we can learn about that attitude. While preachers and pastors might not have a comfortable life, no discomfort should arise because the church is being stingy with its funds. Let their discomfort come from their striving for the Gospel and their flock, and not from the flock’s miserliness.

Workers for the church should not have trouble making ends meet. Their wives should not feel pressured to find jobs outside the home. They should be able to educate their kids how they see fit.

And they should not be subjected to sideways glances that cast suspicions on their every purchase, subject to guilt trips from busybodies.

They have important work. Let them focus on the work without having to worry about putting food on the table.

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